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Without alarmist or dogmatic emotion, Transcendence focuses on the process of healing, the power of community support, and the resiliency of the human spirit, by:


PROVIDING a profound understanding of the global prevalence of torture challenges viewers to embark on a thoughtful, constructive civil discourse about the impact of its use;


EDUCATING audiences about the social, political and economic underpinnings that give rise to a culture of human rights abuses;


ENCOURAGING those in healthcare and the legal profession to establish protocols that address the special needs of torture survivors and their families;


ENGENDERING private, public and government support for those who have, and continue to be, subjected to this extreme form of human degradation;


INSPIRING people to use their power to expose torturing states and hold them accountable;


STIMULATING community action, domestically and globally, to end an epidemic of torture and human rights abuses.

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