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Please consider making a donation (of any size!) to help complete i589

Transcendence is a 501(c)3 NON-PROFIT PROJECT
Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and joining our line-up of prestigious funders.


The Suzanne Cohn Simon Family Foundation

Helen Reavis, Esq.









Your generous contribution will help us complete the film & pay for:

• archival licensing


• final graphics + animation

• sound design + mix

• music composition + licensing

• color correction + online



• final subtitling + closed captioning


• audience engagement and outreach


Thanks to ALL of our individual donors who have supported TRANSCENDENCE. Contributors at the Bronze level and above are credited below.

Celestine Berg

Jennifer Burns

Pema Chogkhan & Lobsang Karkhang

Jill Clyburn

Cathy Lee Crane

John & Catherine DiFeliciantonio

Arthur Dong & Young Gee

Lisa Erf & David Hodges

Lisa Gallotta & Al Peters

Tracey Gardiner & Georgie Baker

Andrew Goldberg & Leslie Derkash

Susie & Zachary Gomes

Pamela Hawkins

Soo J Hong

Stuart Levy & Christine Lee

Peter McManus

Thomas G. Miller

Lisa Lawrence Miyasak

Jim Morrison & Mitch Heller

Lynn Mueller & Toby Kahn

Peter Nakada & Ellis Wood

Brooke Picotte

Linda & Anthony Rocca

Andrew Sabl

Gigi Sharp

Gail Silva

Lesley Ann Skillen & Laurence K. Cantor

Laura Theilan & George Eldred

Ruth Thomas & Chan Suh

Dr. Bridget Wagner

Dr. Margaret Wagner

Deb Wasser & Dr. Susan Vaughn

Marlena Weinstein & David Cotton

David Weissman

Charles Whelan

Kinsey Wright

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