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As one of the few films of its kind, Transcendence will be distributed globally as a powerful tool to educate, engage and motivate viewers to explore the topics of human rights and social justice.

i589 will reach diverse audiences, as well as target markets, by implementing a multi-tiered, multi-platform distribution and outreach strategy centered on the narrative of the documentary.

End users include human rights and social justice advocates; university educators; medical, mental health, legal and social service providers; community organizers; NGOs, etc.  (Excerpts of the film are already being used in medical schools.)

TELEVISION  As with our previous films, Transcendence will reach wide general audiences through domestic and foreign broadcasts.  The film will be licensed to top-tier broadcasters followed by secondary television markets that will be heavily promoted with extensive publicity and media coverage driven by a carefully cultivated public relations campaign.  


FESTIVALS  To help fuel media coverage for broadcast, film festivals screenings will be held at prestigious domestic and international film festivals.


In addition to screenings, which will be followed by panel discussions and audience Q&A, the film will be available via online portals (and DVD for those without access to the internet).  


Transcendence will be edited into short form modules, accompanied by online study and discussion guides that will be written in collaboration with project consultants.  


PUBLIC POLICY   To reach opinion leaders and public policymakers, the film and its transmedia content will be made available to local, state and federal agencies, NGO’s, and business institutions, among others.


SURVIVORS   Screenings will be organized for survivors in settings where healthcare professionals can guide discussions and provide appropriate services.


To reach more diverse audiences, SEEKING REFUGE will be screened at museums, cultural institutions, and places of worship.



CREATIVE EXPRESSION  Material (e.g., music, poems, essays, artwork) by and about survivors and carepartners will be posted.


HOT SPOTS  A section identifying global human rights violations will be updated weekly.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other Internet platforms will also be used.



Guidelines to help organize events and screenings.  Audience evaluation materials included.  


• Information about how to contribute to SEEKING REFUGE's evolving online archive by covering events and conducting interviews with mobile devices. 


• An interactive, geographically based bulletin board for the public to post events.


Pointers on how to support international and community-based survivor organizations.


Approximately 50 hours of footage was shot especially for incorporation into short-form modules that will further explore the film’s themes.


BLOG  A new blog will be hosted weekly by the film’s characters, experts, and end-users.



• Lesson plans, discussion guides and reading lists tailored for different target audiences and educational levels.


Links to sites that deal with human rights and healing.


• The film’s prestigious team of experts will provide articles and excerpts of their work. 


Video interviews with these individuals will also be featured. 


Essays by the filmmakers will address themes and issues that are bedded in the film.



Reviews and articles about the film.


• Festival, community screenings, and broadcast updates.



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